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<p>Final Fantasy VI, another classic RGP by Square Enix, has gone on sale today on Android. Sorry to the iOS users out there, you're still stuck with its £11.99/$15.99 price-tag but for everyone else you can enjoy the game now at a comfortable £7.60/$11.00.</p><p>In Final Fantasy VI, Magi and even magic has vanished from the world, leaving humankind to re-build it with iron and machines. However in the depth of the evil Empire's castle a girl named Terra still possesses the lost power. When she and a young man called Locke escape it sets the story in motion toward an epic conclusion.</p><p>First debuted in 1994, the sixth instalment in this magnificent franchise ported over to mobile back in 2014 and since then has had fantastic reception. Considered an A-list smartphone game, this is a deal you really shouldn't miss.</p><p>Pick up Final Fantasy VI on Android now for £7.60/$11.00, or if you're an iOS user and don't mind paying full price catch it here on iTunes.</p>.

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