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For those of you wondering "What's next?" for Pokemon GO, it looks like The Sliph Road subreddit's got you covered as their latest APK teardown suggests there may be some next-level stuff on the way.The biggest thing here, of course, is the Gen 3 Pokemon on the horizon from Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire. That's 135 new species plus '73 new candy 'families' from Treecko to Deoxys'. However, given the lack of sound files or new moves it looks like that update may still be a while off.Other changes include the Super Incubator, bug fixes, changes to Shinies, Exclusive Raid updates, and more. Read the full list of data dug up right here on Reddit.As exciting as it is, I do worry about how this'll affect the performance of the game considering how many different models there would be. Then again, perhaps they'd finally cull some of the thousands of Rattata sitting in the Tesco car park down the road. That'd be nice.What do you guys think of getting another surge of Pokemon? Let us know in the comment below..

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