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<p>You can be a firefighter starting March 10th. It'll only cost you £7.99 / $9.99 as well. You don't even have to go through the grueling training process. Neat, huh?</p><p>Oh, not a proper firefighter, mind. No, only a virtual one inside the roguelike Flame Over. Sorry, forgot to mention that bit.</p><p>You can't be yourself, either. In Flame Over you are Blaze Carruthers, a moustache of a man, and a mean fire douser.</p><p>You guide him through the many randomly generated floors of a building ablaze. It plays like a twin-stick shooter except you're shooting jets of cool water at out-of-control fires.</p><p>If you want a closer look at the game then creator Laughing Jackal Studios has a Let's Play video of Flame Over you can watch below.</p>.

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