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<p>There had been a lot of speculation surrounding a mysterious glitched image of an upcoming Pokemon. Being the dedicated people that they are, Pokemon fans worked out that this would be an evolved form of Farfetch'd &ndash; one of the original 151 Pokemon. It turns out they were right.</p><p>Sirfetch'd will be available exclusively to Pokemon Sword, so that means if you plan on picking up Shield you'll have to trade for the new knight form of the leek wielding bird. The newly announced evolution of Farfetch'd comes equipped with a leek lance and shield. It's also ditched its old colour scheme, becoming completely white.</p><p>It has a perpetually smug look about it as well, possibly because it's the only Pokemon that's received a knighthood so far. This continues the incredibly British theme that a lot of the new Pokemon have so far such as Weezing becoming a floating reference to the Industrial Revolution and Polteageist being a ghost that resides in a teapot.</p>.

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